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Shade Your Business, Power the Planet


Elevate your business to the next level with our cutting-edge solar technology, and take advantage of the benefits that come with a greener and more sustainable operation

Shady Energy at a Glance


Welcome to Shady Energy, where innovation meets sustainability. We specialize in manufacturing and installing cutting-edge solar canopies, transforming vast parking lots into power hubs.


Imagine your commercial property not only benefiting from free electricity to run your business but also generating surplus energy for additional income. Our solar canopies not only offer aesthetic appeal and free shade for cars but also contribute to a sustainable future. As industry pioneers, we elevate your business by eliminating electricity costs, attracting more customers, and creating an additional revenue stream through excess energy sales.


Discover the financial and environmental advantages of choosing Shady Energy – your pathway to a brighter and more sustainable business future.

Get Inspired

Shady Profit Planner

Your Pathway to Profitable Sustainability.

Unlock the financial potential of your parking space with Shady Energy’s Profit Planner.

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